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For over half a century the Dipsol Group...

For over half a century, the Dipsol Group has supplied the metal finishing industry with leading edge technologies and services, manufacturing products to the very highest quality standards. Dipsol has introduced a sophisticated approach to metal finishing through support and implementation that has helped US and World Wide customers’ transition to new technologies and optimize process performance. Customer services, continuous product improvement, and a commitment to quality are the forces which drive us as we strive to maintain our reputation as a “valued supplier to the metal finishing industry.”

We are here to serve our customers. Dipsol started R&D work utilizing surfactant technology in the early 1950’s, which was unique at that time. The Dipsol technical team had a technological breakthrough when it formulated surface treatment compounds that could remove rust and oil simultaneously.

Foresight to Take Early Action for Automation, Globalization & Pollution Prevention

In keeping pace with the rapid development in the industrial world, stable surface finishing chemicals were required by the surface treatment industry. Dipsol Chemicals took the lead, as a comprehensive manufacturing pioneer in the age of the automated process, by quickly developing and supplying products that meet the needs of the times.

Dipsol focused on very interesting research to eliminate cyanides from plating processes. Dipsol technical research team launched the NZ Series, a non-cyanide zinc plating brightener technology. Dipsol Chemicals was the firstin the world to introduce the zincate bath commercial application. This technology gained worldwide attention and Dipsol obtained patents in several countries. In addition, several other chemical suppliers in Germany and North America signed licensing agreements to manufacture and sell the processes. Furthermore, Dipsol successfully developed and introduced commercially neutral Tin, Tin/Zinc, and Zinc Nickel alloy plating processes

DIPSOL AMERICA is now a proud partner of RIGHTCYCLE by Kimberly-Clark Professional

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