Metal Finishing Technologies & Services ISO 9001:2015

Pretreatment Products

Pretreatment Products
Product Number Type Phosphate Silicate Displacement Emulsyfing Product Description
0318-EC Liquid No Descaling additive to NaOH
103-SC Powder Yes Yes Yes Multi-metal application
104-SC Powder Yes Heavy duty
106-SC Liquid Yes No Yes Multi-metal application
109-SE Powder No No Yes Heavy descale, mass finishing
111-SC Powder Yes Yes Yes Low foaming
115-SE Liquid No Yes Yes Multi-metal application
144-SC Powder Yes Yes Yes Heavy duty
145-SC Liquid No Yes
147-SC Liquid No No Yes Multi-metal application
301-EC Powder Yes Yes Heavy duty
306-EC Powder Yes No Yes High conductivity w/ chrome reducer
331-EC Liquid Yes Yes 3-Component system
331-ECL Liquid No Yes Keeps barrels clean
331-SCL Liquid No Yes Multi-metals
332-ECX/W Liquid No Yes
359-EC Powder No No PR cleaning & mass finishing
360-EC Liquid No No High conductivity
370-EC Liquid No No High conductivity, multi-purpose
400-ACT Liquid Aluminum de-oxidizer
430-RE Powder Yes No Aluminum etch
450-AL Liquid Acidic, aluminum soak cleaner
523-SC Liquid No Yes Yes Yes Heavy duty
602-AS Powder No Non-ammoniated, contains floride
603-AC Liquid Yes Use prior to phosphate
639-AS Powder No No floride
812-DE Liquid Yes No Chloride inhibition
NC-22 Powder No High conductivity
NC-710 Liquid No No Provides foam blanket on electro
O-3 Powder No Low temperature
X-1304 Liquid No Neutral pH cleaner

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