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IZA-2500 Rack

Acid Zinc Nickel Alloy Plating for Rack
SCOPE OF APPLICATION DIPSOL IZA-2500 is the latest advanced high Acid Zinc Nickel technology. It is a chloride-based plating process for barrel applications that provides consistent 12-17% nickel in the deposit. The deposit from DIPSOL IZA-2500 has special adhesion and bending properties compared with the industry standard, along with excellent thickness distribution for fastener applications. Its corrosion resistance properties exceeds the requirements of the automotive industry. FEATURES
  • Provides four to five times the corrosion resistance in salt spray test compared to zinc deposits.
  • Easy to control solution. Two rectification system is preferred but the bath can be controlled with
one rectifier.
  • Low foaming
  • Has excellent adhesion and corrosion resistance in high temperature applications.
  • Accepts different types of chromate conversion coatings (clear, iridescent, and black), which can
be easily applied to enhance appearance and corrosion resistance.
  • Can be formulated to provide a silver appearance with brightness, or a matte finish depending on requirements or preferences.
  • Deposit consists of 12-17% nickel
  • Hardness of deposit is HV250-350 in the Vickers Hardness scale.
  • DIPSOL IZA-2500 has superior covering power and throwing power and provides excellent
corrosion resistance on many complicated-shaped parts.

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