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Zinc-Nickel Alloy Barrel Plating Process


DIPSOL IZ-262 is an alkaline type, cyanide free, zinc-nickel alloy electroplating process. The deposit consists of a uniform zinc alloy containing 5–9% nickel. The deposit has excellent thermal and corrosion resistance, far superior to that of conventional zinc plating processes. Chromate conversion coatings ranging from iridescent, bronze, green and black can be easily applied to further enhance corrosion resistance and appearance.


DIPSOL IZ-262 offers the following advantages over conventional zinc plating:

  • Provides more than three times corrosion resistance to salt spray
  • Excellent adhesion and corrosion resistance in high temperature applications
  • Higher hardness and scratch resistance
  • Excellent throwing power and coverage
  • Same alloy composition in low and high current densities, resulting in excellent corrosion resistance on intricate shaped parts
  • Unlike acid type zinc alloy processes, it is alkaline, and does not cause corrosion problems to plating or surrounding equipment
  • Uses same equipment designed for conventional alkaline zinc baths
  • Simple to control. Additives to maintain nickel content and brighteners are added on amp hour basis

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