Metal Finishing Technologies & Services ISO 9001:2015



Top Seal Rinse


DIPSOL 921-TSL is a water dilutable, inorganic, sealing system based on silicium with integrated lubricant for friction adjustment which is used in immersion, spray and dip/spin applications. It contains no chromates in the dry film and does not produce hydrogen embrittlement into the coated material. DIPSOL 921-TSL is an inorganic sealing system, that reacts with chromates on top of zinc and zinc alloys. It is used on fasteners like bolts, screws, clamps, and stampings. This product will perform as a torque and tension fluid. DIPSOL 921-TSL will achieve optimum results at a coating thickness of between 1 and 3 micron. Corrosion protection of more than 1,000 hours in salt spray (according to ASTM B117) is achievable without iron corrosion.

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