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Heavy Duty Deruster


DIPSOL 370-EC is a heavy descaler and deruster multi task product. Dipsol 370-EC removes oily soil, scales and rust without attacking the base metal. The cleaning action does not generate any hydrogen, so there is no possibility for hydrogen embrittlement. The detergency and conductivity of the solution aid in the removal of residual forming compounds and corrosion preventative oils that are lift on the surface of steel after the soak cleaning applications. DIPSOL 370-EC operates over a wide temperature and concentration range that can be varied to conform to most cleaning situations. The surfactant system in DIPSOL 370-EC was formulated to be highly soluble and free rinsing when used in the recommended concentration and temperature ranges. Dipsol 370-EC can replace two or more stages in a cleaning operation.

  • Excellent Descaler and deruster as a one tank operation
  • Does not generate hydrogen
  • No attack o base metals, so its safe to use on precision parts
  • Environmental friendly
  • High cleaning efficiency
  • Non-phosphated for ease of waste treatment
  • Non-silicated for ultra filtration compatibility
  • Good detergency for removal of residual oils
  • Stable, soluble surfactant system when used over the recommended concentration and temperature parameters
  • High conductivity and detergency in a liquid electrocleaner concentrate

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