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Premixed Salts for Chloride Zinc Baths


DIPSOL LITE SALTS is a premixed blend of 90% potassium chloride and 10% ammonium chloride for use in mixed ammonium-potassium zinc plating baths. High purity plating grade salts are used in the preparation of DIPSOL LITE SALTS. The mixture is free flowing and is specially conditioned to prevent caking on storage. Care should be taken, however, to avoid exposure of the salts to air and humidity when not in use. The use of DIPSOL LITE SALTS will keep the ammonium to potassium ratio at constant values and simplify control of the bath. For proper use and control of DIPSOL LITE SALTS in the plating solution, refer to the Technical Bulletin Z-131. Addition of DIPSOL LITE SALTS should be based on total chloride determination. DIPSOL LITE SALTS contains 51.30% chloride ion. The use, handling and storage of this product may involve certain hazards. Please refer to the Material Safety Sheet for additional hazard information. Dipsol of America, Inc. recommends that the company/operator read and review the Dipsol Material Safety Data Sheets for the appropriate health and safety warnings before use.


Prior to using any recommendations or suggestions by Dipsol of America, Inc. for waste treatment the user is required to know the appropriate local/state/federal regulations for on-site or off-site treatment, which may require permits. If there is any conflict regarding our recommendations, local/state/federal regulations take precedent. The information presented herein was prepared by technically knowledgeable personnel and to the best of our knowledge, is true and accurate. It is not intended to be all-inclusive, and the manner and conditions of use and handling may involve other or additional considerations.

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