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Liquid Corrosion Inhibitor


DIPSOL A-410 PICKLE AID is a liquid corrosion inhibitor primarily designed to inhibit the attack of hydrochloric acid (HCL) on iron and steel surfaces when used during various industrial cleaning operations. It does not contain arsenic, chlorinated hydrocarbon or lead compounds. This product remains stable when added to high HCL acid concentrations at temperatures up to 212°F. Hydrochloric (Muriatic) Acid is widely used in many industries, i.e., steel producers for removal of mill scale, electroplaters and electronics manufacturers for removal of oxides, municipal water districts for removal of water scale and lime deposits, sugar refiners for removal of deposits on filters, evaporators, clarifiers and centrifuges, petroleum and petrochemical companies for removal of water scale and corrosion deposits in boilers, exchangers and similar equipment to name a few. While hydrochloric Acid does an effective job of removing scale, deposits and build up, it attacks the metal surface causing pitting and, ultimately, leading to extensive equipment and parts damage. The addition of DIPSOL A-410 PICKLE AID products reduces the corrosive action of the acid on the equipment or surface being cleaned and extends the acid life, thereby providing a significant cost savings to the user.

  • Reduces hydrogen gas fuming of HCL by more than 75%, and aids in the reduction of surface tension on scaled metals
  • It leaves a thin foam blanket on the solution surface
  • Enhances the cleaning (descaling) abilities of HCL while still inhibiting the metal corrosion of HCL solutions

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