Metal Finishing Technologies & Services ISO 9001:2015



An Aid in Drying After the Final Rinse


DIPSOL 901-RA is a colorless liquid additive for use in the final rinse tank before drying. Used per recommended operating parameters, DIPSOL 901-RA imparts water repellent properties to the surface of parts. Solution should be dumped and a fresh tank prepared daily. Plastic lined or stainless steel tanks are recommended since plain steel tanks may cause slight rust stains on the work.


DIPSOL 901-RA solutions pose no problems, but continued exposure of the unprotected skin with the concentrate may cause chapping and/or irritation. Avoid contact with skin or eyes. In the event of contact with the skin, flush thoroughly with water. For eyes, flush thoroughly with water and get medical attention.


DIPSOL 901-RA contains no chromates, cyanides, fluorides, phosphates, silicates or phenolic compounds. All surface-active agents are biodegradable. The information presented herein was prepared by technically knowledgeable personnel, and to the best of our knowledge is true and accurate. It is not intended to be all-inclusive, and the manner and conditions of use and handling may involve other or additional considerations.

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