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Mass Finishing Compound


DIPSOL 8280-XP is a liquid conditioning, descaling, and burnishing compound, mildly acidic in nature, extremely versatile in its applications. It was developed to satisfy the ever-increasing need for simplified and more efficient vibratory and barrel finishing cycles. DIPSOL 8280-XP contains a balanced ratio of descaling, cleaning-deoxidizing and brightening components. Inhibitors are present to prevent attack on steel when used as recommended. Consequently, no hydrogen embrittlement develops.

  • Descaling of regular, high carbon and stainless steels. If a burnishing media is used, burnishing will be accomplished at the same time
  • Simultaneous detarnishing and burnishing of copper, brass, and bronze. It will produce a clean, golden color on the work. Scale and discoloration caused by welding or brazing will be removed at the same time
  • Acidic cleaning of deburred parts to remove traces of abrasives and metallic fines before burnishing. Both cleaning and burnishing can be simultaneously achieved on high carbon steel with ceramic media
  • Deburring and burnishing aluminum alloys and castings without preliminary etching and desmutting treatment

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