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Green Chromate


DIPSOL ZG-555Y is formulated to produce a dark green chromate conversion coating on zinc rack deposits. It provides a high corrosion resistance of over 240 hours to white corrosion in 5% neutral salt spray test. DIPSOL ZG-555Y can be automatically controlled and maintained for continuous operations. DIPSOL ZG-555Y is ideal for automotive, electrical appliances, aircraft, marine and construction components where high corrosion resistance is required. The unique green color of this chromate can be used to identify and differentiate the high quality of this process from other standard olive drab chromates.

  • Excellent adhesion and corrosion resistance
  • The coating is uniform dark green
  • Formulated to operate at less than half the chromic acid content of conventional dark green chromates
  • Simple to control—ideal for automated systems
  • Will chromate more surface area even at the lower concentration range than conventional dark green chromates

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