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Miscellaneous Products

Miscellaneous Products
Product NumberApplicationTypeProduct Description
4232-RINitrate-based rust inhibitorLiquidWill provide up to 3 months prevention
8280-XPMass finishing aidLiquidAcidic product used for descaling and deburring
88-RMBurnishing compoundLiquidLow foaming, multi-metal application
901-RARinse aidLiquidAids in drying without spots
904-RIAmine-based topcoatLiquidNeutral pH, works well for black chromate
904-WWWater soluble waxLiquidUsed for phosphate application
909-SRPhosphate sealerLiquidContains hexavalent chrome
912-ZPHeavy zinc phosphateLiquid1500–4000 mg/sqft coating weight
913-ZPHeavy zinc phosphateLiquid2000–4000 mg/sqft coating weight
971-SMulti-metal stripperPowderUsed to strip plated deposits
99-OILWater emulsified oilLiquidUsed for phosphate applications
A-410Acid inhibitorLiquidReduces attack on substrates—increases acid life
ANTI-MISTElectroclean additiveLiquidPrevents mist from corroding equipment
BPSBlack oxidePowderHot black oxide for steel
CHROME-THexavalent chrome platingPowder
FILTER-AID-12Carbon with filter aid blendPowderNot dusty and easy to use
FOAM-BLANKETAnti-mist for Alk Zn platingLiquidUsed with NZ-98
LITE-SALTSChloride additive for acid Zn platingPowder90% KCl – 10% NH4C12
P-637NSCZinc phosphateLiquidSodium chlorate, needs to be added on site
SALTSChloride additive for acid Zn platingPowder80% KCl – 20% NH4C12
U-1110Anti-foam for acid Zn platingLiquid
V-3Acid pickle additiveLiquidEmulsifies oil
X-1302ZPMedium zinc phosphateLiquid600–1000 mg/sqft coating weight

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